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Yanny Split Exhibition!

Kiwialan's Jewellery

Glass Artist - Dichroic Pendants, Slumped, fused and caste glass - WOW!

So, what is this place?

This is a Gallery that's online 24/7, available for hire for Artists to display their work! All items will be for sale.

So what do we offer? First we do not charge any commission! That's right! No commission! What we do is put up to 20 photos of your art on line with the price, and how to contact you. You are in charge of the entire deal - your choice, not mine! Okay there is a cost, you supply the photos and I will do the rest for the sum of $60.00 for 6 months online. It's got to be a deal for you!

We can also take the photos for you, put more items up, or almost whatever you would like - it's all up to you.

So lets hope we have some takers very soon - Available for Potters, Artists of any sort, Woodcarving. We are open to suggestions, any ideas welcome. Contact email Alan now!

Yanny Split - Fibre Exhibition

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